The Four Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

Watching a live game in soccer arenas is actually an unexpected inclination in comparison to watching in TV. The group is exceptionally extreme and it includes fervor and rush. With every one of the cheers, booing and painted faces clearly you would feel the group’s energy.

In case you are a major soccer fan and need to encounter the genuine fervor of game then you should visit one of these greatest soccer arenas on the planet.

The Rungrado May First Stadium

It is known to be the biggest arena limit of the world, it pulls up a chair 150,000. Organized in Pyongyang, North Korea, and was finished on May 1, 1989. This is one of Pyongyang’s prides. In the 2002 World Cup Korea was picked as one of the host nation and it was held in the arena. การออกกำลังกาย

Salt Lake Stadium

This arena is the second biggest on the planet and in the sub-landmass of India. It was worked in 1984 and seats 120,000. The arena is situated in Salt Lake City, Kolkata India. It is right now utilized for football and games in the country. Home rounds of India are generally held in this arena.

The Estadio Azteca

The biggest arena in Mexico and has the seating limit of 114,465. Mexican is extremely pleased on the grounds that The Estadio Azteca is the main arena who facilitated the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986.

Nou Camp

It is the biggest soccer arenas in Europe which was worked in 1957. The arena cost almost $3 million and for sure a pride of the Barcelonians. It has the limit of 120,000 seats. The arena is the home of FC Barcelona and in 1982 it is the place where the World Cup was held.

The Four Biggest Soccer Stadiums in the World

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