Five Little Known Facts About Redskins And Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb has been an extraordinary quarterback for a ton of years in the National Football League. He began with the Philadelphia Eagles, and with the blend of him, Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens, Chad Lewis, and the remainder of the group, they had the option to get numerous things done, including going to four straight NFC Championship Games and showing up. McNabb would then continue on to the Washington Redskins. He has played in various defining moments during his profession and here are five things numerous football fans may not think about quarterback Donovan McNabb.

#1 – The main score pass that Donovan McNabb at any point tossed while in the National Football League came in final quarter of a 44-17 misfortune to the Indianapolis Colts in 1999. It went for six yards and was gotten by Chad Lewis who might become one of the quarterback’s number one targets.

#2 – During his days with the Philadelphia Eagles, nobody got more score passes than the 27 that were aggregated by running back Brian Westbrook.

#3 – At one point during the 2005 season, Donovan McNabb tossed nine back to back score passes of distances of seven yards or less. This included: One of two yards to Brian Westbrook and one of six yards to Greg Lewis in week two. One of four yards to Terrell Owens and one of five yards to Brian Westbrook in week three. A seven yarder to Terrell Owens, trailed by a three yarder to Mike Bartrum, and a one yarder to L.J. Smith in week four. Then, at that point one of four yards to Terrell Owens in week six lastly, a one yard score pass to L.J. Smith in week seven. He woke up from this main short yardage score passes streak amazingly with the following one, a 91 yard strike to Terrell Owens.

#4 – Before leaving the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010, the group that Donovan McNabb had tossed the most score passes against during his profession was additionally his new group, the Washington Redskins. คาสิโนแนะนำ

#5 – The last customary season score pass tossed by Donovan McNabb as an individual from the Eagles was a 15 yarder in the second from last quarter of a 30-27 triumph over the Denver Broncos in 2009. It was gotten by Jason Avant. The last score in general tossed by the quarterback while as yet wearing an Eagles uniform arrived in a 34-14 misfortune to the Dallas Cowboys in the end of the season games following the 2009 season. It occurred in the final quarter, went for four yards, and was gotten by DeSean Jackson.

Five Little Known Facts About Redskins And Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb

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