Football World Cup (Egypt 2009)

Not just the significance of the World Cup under the age 20 FIFA to be one of the most outstanding current rivalries at the worldwide level, however it is portrayed by its long history and history, and the occasions that have been set up in the memory of football all through the ages. It is the second most established competition rivalry coordinated by the International Federation of football after the World Cup FIFA for grown-ups, where due date of the main meeting of the Youth World Cup in 1997 in Tunisia, while Egypt will have the seventh meeting variant not long from now.

It is additionally the second biggest competition finals alongside the World Cup, FIFA U-17 years, with each including 24 groups.

Also, saw bunches of the last World Cup FIFA U-20 on Sunday night to commend an amazing sanctuary of Luxor in Upper Egypt, where magnificence of old Pharaonic civilization and sorcery exhibitions landscape. It was the archeological site, which traces all the way back to 3,500 years, an incredible scene for the function, under the title “Welcome to the mystical land.”

What’s more, the drawing of parcels service was gone to by around 300 dignitaries, where they are in receipt of an audit of progress. The distinction tones blended music and dance lovely customary and current outfits gladly every range, to paint an awesome work of art exemplified the rich and different societies of the different well known to rebuff the host country throughout the long term. Ringtones likewise went with the drama “Aida” present along the distance between the passageway to the sanctuary and the inner lobby which facilitated the function of drawing of parcels.

Show function and dispatched a short narrative film inspires the variety and interfaces Egypt, Arab State, where the nation is a significant traveler objective, it has a novel design and scenes, sports offices, extraordinary class. What’s more, the reaction of the crowd significantly with artistic creations by firecrackers that add character to commend the service of drawing parts, which recommends an effective meeting at grassroots level when the opposition begins in September of this current year.

The show presented by the craftsman Egyptian Kabersahb worldwide standing Omar Khairat, who engaged people in general by playing magnificent music on piano. บาคาร่าเว็บ ไหน

After a discourse by Hassan Saqr, Chairman of National Sports Council, Mr. Samir Zaher, leader of the alliance of Egypt, addressed everyone, “Jack Warner”, Vice-President of the Federation International de Football Association FIFA and Chairman of the World Cup Under-20 FIFA, where he tended to the crowd, saying: “The This is the best site for a draw function I’ve found in my life, as that we have not coordinated the drawing of parcels in a position of chronicled importance like this interesting and memorable engineering. ”

Warner said: “We are satisfied to have this competition for Egypt, and we are certain that the course will get an extraordinary achievement in each of the five host urban communities. Previously, brought forth stars in the volume of the competition,” Diego Maradona “, ” Ronaldinho “and” Lionel Messi “, I think we put the fate of the challenge between the hands. Best of luck to each of the 24 groups, and I anticipate see delightful football and fun.”

Football World Cup (Egypt 2009)

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