Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Gemma Atkinson Accused Of Lying About Dating The Man UTD Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo’s better half Gemma Atkinson has been blamed for lying about having a relationship with the Manchester United midfielder by his own mom.

The previous Hollyoaks entertainer had been reputed to date Cristiano Ronaldo for the beyond couple of months, albeit the couple have never really been spotted together.

Ronaldo’s better half Gemma has been extremely open with regards to her relationship with Cristiano, expressing to the British media that they were a couple on a few events. Ronaldo’s better half has additionally apparently said that the couple are partaking in some incredible, hot sex together. Cristiano Ronaldo has been undeniably less open with regards to their relationship, and presently his mom has stepped in to the contention by blaming Gemma Atkinson for lying.

Ronaldo’s mom lives in her child’s country, Portugal, and she hasn’t heard anything about her child dating Gemma Atkinson. This has persuaded her to think that Gemma has manufactured the entire story, and that she has never had any sort of relationship with the youthful, hot entertainer.

Talking solely to The Sun paper, Dolores Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum, was cited as saying “Cristiano doesn’t have a sweetheart. I put my hands in the fire as he didn’t go with the young lady individuals say is his sweetheart. I don’t have any acquaintance with her and couldn’t care less in case she’s wonderful.” Ronaldo’s mum solidly accepts that Gemma Atkinson is basically envious that she can’t be with Cristiano, and is attempting to raise her own profile and become well known by professing to date the Manchester joined star midfielder. แทงบอล แนะนำ

It stays not yet clear whether Cristiano is essentially staying quiet about their relationship from his mom and from the overall media, and that his mum is just being over-defensive in the interest of her child by denying the cases that he is dating Gemma Atkinson. Anyway as per Gemma’s dearest companions Cristiano and Gemma are a couple, and that deciding by the messages they send each other they are particularly content.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Gemma Atkinson Accused Of Lying About Dating The Man UTD Footballer

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