Youth Football Practice Number 10

Subsequent to surveying our groups execution and watching the game film we set the training plans for the week. Similar to the case with most groups we will do a tad of tweaking with staff, however very little. Our underlying assessments were essentially accurate, however we saw some extra exertion and expected coming a few first year players that justified some extra liabilities.

In my most youthful group that implies our small force tackle will see a few reps at wingback and in the age 10-11 group the wellbeing will see a few reps at linebacker.

On people we chipped away at polishing our squares off, with hands and playing to an extremely long whistle of around 7 seconds. We underlined happening to the ball on the “G” of go. A more extended than ordinary on schedule and distance board drill was added and we worked our snappiness off the ball with our tennis ball drill to balance the work for our linemen. ฝันเห็นแฟนเก่ามาหา

The backs dealt with open field obstructing method including the jewel drill just as about 3 level Oklahoma and the Gauntlet drill. We actually have a couple of the reinforcement backs wavering a little, not assaulting the line of scrimmage, so we worked the chaser drill some also. The entirety of our starters we are genuine content with their forcefulness, the reinforcements anyway required the work and we are instructing everybody up.

We worked the keep going hour in group fit and freeze offense and to make some condition is, we are pushing the play ahead and detecting the ball 10 yards forward each snap. We turn on each play at max throttle and are at around 14 seconds between reps at the age 12-13 level. The two groups worked out some minor execution issues that one can expect after only 9 practices.

Every one of the drills, offense and guard can be found in the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan”.

Youth Football Practice Number 10

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