Passport Photos – Where Size Does Matter

When you apply for a passport, you may not realize that passport photo size is critical. If your photos fail to meet the requirements, your passport may be held up. Follow these simple guidelines for successful passport photos.

When you apply for your passport, you must give the passport agency 2 photos of yourself. The precise dimensions of these photos must be 2 square inches. Within the photo, your head must measure between 1 inch and 1-3/8 inches. Your eyes have to be within the range of 1-1/8 inches to 1-3/8 inches from the bottom of the photo.

It sounds complicated so far, but the rest is very simple. Your photos must be identical to each other, printed in color, on thin photo paper. Retouching of any type is not allowed. Your whole face, including your eyes, must be visible in the picture. Only a plain white or off-white backdrop is acceptable. Make UK Passport Photos Online

You are not permitted to smile or make any unnatural expression in your photo. You cannot wear a hat or any headwear, unless you wear it for religious purposes. Only normal street clothing can be worn unless you are wearing your religious attire.

Glasses are not allowed in your photos unless they are your everyday eyeglasses. No tints or sunglasses may be worn. Finally, be sure to give your photos to the passport agency within 6 months after having them taken, or they will become invalid.

There are procedures for the photographer to follow as well: Place the camera 4 feet from the subject, and be sure to position it directly at his or her eye level to ensure a proper angle. The lighting should ensure that no shadows obscure the subject’s face.

If your camera is digital, the resolution must be greater than 1 mega pixel; this is not a problem for most modern cameras. Also, the photos must be printed with an inkjet or dye sublimation printer.

There is so much to consider when you apply for a passport, don’t let passport photo size spoil your efforts. If you follow these principles, you should have no trouble getting a great passport photo. Be sure to use a reputable photo center, and don’t forget to not smile.

Passport Photos – Where Size Does Matter

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