Made for Google certification program being proposed

Made for Google certification program being proposed

It is about time Google establishes a certification program for third party accessories and gear. It is really simple to produce products which work with Android apparatus but there is always the question of grade. Google is believed to be considering introducing a ‘Created for Google’ certification so accessory manufacturers will work to produce products which are up to Google’s criteria. This is somewhat like the ‘Created for I’ attempt of Apple. More info

There is not much info available but we are guessing if it is like Apple’s MFi, then the application is going to have any instrument, hardware, attachment, technical assistance, or documentation be asked to stick to the certification criteria of their Android team. Having this “Made for Google” evaluation or postage will somehow give customers peace of mind what they’re using are of premium quality and not simply a replica or low-quality item.

We are anticipating ‘Created for Google’ accessories such as docks, cases, battery packs, or chargers. Nothing has been confirmed yet but we agree that this is something that the Android community wants — a proper certification program to make sure customers always and just get quality solutions. In terms of the launching, we do not think it’ll be announced tomorrow October 4, but it’s going to be greatly appreciated if it is introduced to us shortly.

“We’re visiting certainly a massive spike in what’s occurring with cloud learning and skills development,” Golani explained. “There was only this pent-up requirement once the test centers shut. We are using this chance to be useful, get as many people about the paths and providing them the chances to power up, since cloud is still a skill that is highly in demand.”

Coursera states that the program will be provided for $49 a month, and that the provider presumes will charge students $400-600, based on how fast they progress through the certification program. Obviously, in the event that you wished to dedicate to the job full time, then it would be a lot cheaper.

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